The Glitz And Glamour Of Casinos

Casinos can be defined as any “building or room used for social amusements, specifically gambling” according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary. People have been interested in how casinos work. Time immemorial casinos have fascinated people. Gamers are especially interested in the glamour associated with casinos. Literature and movies have taken inspiration from the culture of casinos. For instance, Casino Royale is one such famous book that dwells into the gambling culture of casinos.

The Casino Glamor

Various things provide an edge to the establishments like casinos.

·  Cultural Richness:

Culturally rich people often visit the casino online. The culture may vary from place to place. A casino on a beachside may provide different kind of entertainment than a casino in a continent. Nonetheless, there is a detailed representation of the culture by the means of clothing, food, architecture and so on.

· Fashion Statement:

From stars to upper-class people often visit casinos. There attire often has a fashion statement to them. Moreover, fashion designers like Givenchy and Michael Kors draw their fashion inspiration from the culturally rich people who visit these establishments. Further, there is a change seen in the fashion statement. While earlier people use to come in formal clothes, now a little more informal piece of clothing like elegant dresses, vest tops and a pair of jeans

In the past, jackets, tops as well as elegant dress have replaced freshly ironed tops and shirts. Casino patrons are wearing vest tops, an apron. Comfort is the primary goal today.

Fancy Interior/Architecture

Gaming fanatics have ensured that playing card games professionally becomes a lucrative career path. It offers players an opulent lifestyle with big pay cheques and tons of sponsorship. Card games like Poker and Rummy are being played professionally all around the world and people are quitting their office jobs to pursue their passion

Gambling dates back to 2300 BC so it’s safe to say that it’s nothing new to mankind. It’s known to change people’s fortunes overnight. The first casino in the world was set up in Italy in 1638 and is still functional till date. With the advent of social casinos, gambling took a major turn and now stands as a symbol of indulgence, seducing everyone, from the rich and famous to the low-lives looking to make a quick buck. The glamour and appeal of gambling is unparalleled so let’s take a look at how it’s become a part of our culture.

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