Know the Poker Hand Types and A Little About Each of Them

Poker games are all about hands and placing the right bets. The thrill of playing a poker game is totally based on guessing and judging on which hand to wager your bets. This ultimately decides whether you win or lose.

So, it is essential to know everything about poker hands and poker hand chart can help you in this and also to make the right decision. Know everything in detail about the hand chart from the below link,

World Poker Club website that has many interesting and informative articles about the game of poker, not only on hand charts. This might help all the poker players whether they are a novice player or an experienced player or even an expert player. Do visit this website and see what you can gain from reading these articles.

Poker Starting Hand Chart

This handy chart should always be available to you and you should keep it right in front of you when you play the game. This is always good but it is mandatory unless and until you have mastered this interesting card game of probability.

Poker hands are all categorized under four major types. Every hand type of poker mentioned in the starting hand will all come under any of these four categories.

  1. Big Pocket Pairs – There are powerful hands and should be played aggressively. The big pocket pairs are AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT.
  2. High cards – This is by definition any two unpaired cards which are both above 10 or 10 it. The high cards are AK AQ AJ etc.
  3. Small Pocket Pairs – These are decent set of cards to play and are on the lead before the flop. But at times, it becomes difficult to play after the flop because these hands are easily beaten. The small pocket pairs are 99, 88, 77 and lower.
  4. Drawing hands – With these drawing hands, we aim to get into the pot easily and cheaply and we can see the flop and play the pot of a reasonable size with the multiple players. Unlike the other categories, the drawing hands have three sub types or categories. They are –

  • Suited Connectors – These are eight spades and nine spades for example.
  • Suited gapped connectors – These are the J hearts and 9 hearts for instance.
  • Suited Ace’s – For example, there are the A Clover and 4 Clover.

Each of the above hand had a specific aim and following the plot the players aim to play the game towards the win. There are many detailed articles on the aim of each hand, which will throw more light on it.

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