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Video Games Impact The Economy More Than You Think

The debate on whether video games are beneficial or harmful to the economy is an ongoing discussion that has captured the attention of so many. Even those that are enrolled in sites such as can attest to this. For video game enthusiasts, these games are the best thing that happened to them. And to the opposers tend to believe, it is a complete waste of resources. Well, whether you are a supporter or an opposer, in this piece, we will discuss how these games have influenced the economy in both the good and the wrong ways.


They are potential job opportunities

Believe it or not, in this day and age, you can get a job playing video games. You could become an influencer, a tester, or even a programmer. And this, therefore, helps reduce the number of unemployment cases globally. These careers, just like the rest, have qualifications that have to be met. To secure a position, you must have the expertise in the industry, the time to do the job, and in some cases, the resources in terms of devices.

They help one develop better motor skills

Did you know that playing video games can make you smarter? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. The very act of pressing the buttons trying to dodge the bullets coming your way or jumping that ditch in the game plays a role in bettering your motor skills as well as your critical, tactical, and strategic thinking. Playing these games is also a way to release tension, relieving your stress. These skills, when mirrored into real life, are of great benefit. A person who regularly indulges in video games has better reflexes, has less stress, and is more productive at work, which is good for the economy.


They could waste time

On the flip side, the playing of video games could be a time-waster. If a person takes this hobby way too far, playing it to the point it becomes addictive, it impacts the economy the wrong way. Video game addicts would spend all day in front of a screen instead of taking part in things they are meant to be doing. So much so, parents must maintain healthy screen time for their kids when playing video games to keep them from getting addicted. The line between liking and addiction is a thin one, and one must be keen to notice any sign.

They could be a distraction from doing work

In as much as video games are a fantastic pass-time activity, when someone indulges when they are meant to be doing something else, it becomes a bad thing. The person might not be addicted to the game but is, in actuality, wasting someone else’s time and resources by not doing their work. In an office setting, for example, when one is meant to be writing reports but is deep into an online video game is wasting the companies’ resources by using them for the unintended.


Video games are a fantastic thing to get to, and as seen, it could be both a good and a bad thing. So take note and do the good, avoiding the bad.

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